Bob is unmoved by Terry and Jamie’s appeals that he should visit Viv. Bob finally concedes the point and sets off towards the prison. However, he decides not to go through with it and has to lie to Terry when asked about the visit. He heads home to reflect on his cowardice but gets disturbed by Gennie’s unexpected appearance. Bob admits to Gennie that he couldn’t bring himself to visit Viv as he has to accept that has already lost her. As Gennie drops a wine cork on the floor Bob tries to retrieve it and the pair clash heads. Gennie takes Bob's face in her hands to check for any damage and when their eyes lock Gennie moves in for a kiss. Bob reciprocates and the moment becomes more passionate, leading inexorably towards the bedroom. Meanwhile, relations are sour between Val and Eric. They get no better when Val ignores her husband's protestations and goes on an extravagant spending spree. Val tries to make light of their financial difficulties but Eric states the reality in plain detail. Val is rocked to realise the extent of their peril and suggests Eric get a job. Eric feels he is too old to start over again. Also, Debbie is narked when a mysterious stranger queue jumps at the café. When she kicks up a fuss, he apologises and introduces himself as Michael Conway - a supplier to the Home Farm shop. There is a clear mutual attraction between them, which is sparked again when their eyes meet in the Woolpack later that day. Any resumption of their conversation is foiled when Cain enters, revealing he's booked Debbie and Sarah a holiday. Debbie's grateful and pecks her dad on the cheek, a gesture which induces jealousy from an unenlightened Michael.


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Leyla Harding: "Never mind the fridges. What are you like at the Himmler Manoeuvre?"

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