Bob is appalled with his misdemeanour and almost confesses it to Jamie. Unable to keep a lid on his guilt Bob tells Terry about sleeping with Gennie and decides to go to the prison and tell Viv the truth only to find out she has been released. Viv arrives home from prison and Brenda pounces on her thinking she is a thief. A stunned Paddy is confronted with the sight of both women having a titanic battle amidst the shop goods. After Paddy explains the situation, Brenda is horrified to realise she attacked her new business partner. Meanwhile, Bob races home and urges Gennie to steer clear of the shop and café for fear of bumping into Viv. Bob takes the twins home preparing for an emotional reunion. However, when the twins don’t recognise their mum and things are strained between Viv and Bob it is clear settling back into her old life is going to be far from straightforward. As they discuss Bob's no-show at the prison, Viv berates him for his course of action and when Bob also asks her to give the twins time to adjust Viv feels more and more like a stranger in her own home. Elsewhere, Michael drops his car in at the garage to get some work done and is pleasantly surprised to discover it's owned by Debbie. After Debbie introduces him to Cain, Michael relaxes upon discovering she's single. Debbie agrees to go on a date with Michael and get on really well. Michael is impressed to hear how Debbie has built up her business almost single-handedly, but when asked about her family Debbie fails to tell him that she has a daughter. Michael drives her home and Debbie hopes for a second date, only to be upset to hear that he isn’t from the area. Meanwhile, Eddy continues to charm the village ladies. Alan is surprised when Eddy asks him to think about travelling round the world with him. Edna is unimpressed when Alan sets off for a ride with Eddy but he turns out to be a real hit with Lily. After thoroughly enjoying the ride with Eddy, Alan is persuaded to join his friend and the ladies for a drink in the Woolpack. Eddy regales Alan's friends with tales of his hell raising younger days and they sing his praises to a thoughtful Alan. They spend the whole afternoon reminiscing but Alan can’t keep up with Eddy's relentless lifestyle.


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