Viv finds village life difficult to relax into. Noticing this Bob intervenes when Brenda attempts to tell Viv about her part ownership of the businesses. Brenda grows cross when Viv begins ordering her around and vows to Terry that she’ll take action if Bob doesn’t come clean. Val takes delight in telling Viv that Brenda owns half the business and adds that she used to have a crush on him. Viv accuses her husband of playing away, but Bob is irritated and states that Brenda saved their lives. Later, Terry goes round to tell Viv that there is no way that Brenda and Bob had an affair. Viv seems convinced but then informs Terry that she is sure Bob has been seeing someone else and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Cain revels in telling Michael about Sarah and is convinced it will scare him off. However, he is unfazed by her having a daughter and asks Debbie out again. Debbie lets him down gently but undaunted, he comes back and offers to take Debbie out on a different night. She declines because of Sarah but rues her decision. Back home Debbie is furious with Cain for his blatant scheming and worries that she's missed a golden opportunity. Elsewhere, Bob visits Gennie and clears the air. Gennie lies that she's fine to accept them sleeping together was a mistake and promises Bob she’d never come between him and Viv. Gennie is alarmed to learn that a row over Brenda has caused a rift between Bob and Viv and continues to feel bad about what she's done. Jamie is upset for his friend when Gennie makes it clear she has given up on love.


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