Terry forewarns Bob that Viv is on his case. Bob decides to take Viv and the twins for a picnic, but Viv is still obsessed with the idea that's Bob's been unfaithful. Bob finds it difficult to face Viv in knowledge of his infidelity but assures her he's done nothing wrong. They find some common ground when caring for Cathy and Heath and Bob urges Viv to look to their future as a family. Their old spark is back and Viv is sorry she ever doubted Bob. Also, Debbie agrees to let Andy see Sarah, despite Cain’s objections. Andy is delighted to see his daughter but that all changes when Diane is needed in the pub. Left alone Andy dissolves into tears. Sarah is scared by Andy’s strange behaviour and is glad when Diane offers to take her back to Debbie’s. Debbie is slightly angered that Diane didn’t keep watch over them, but Diane pleads to be given another chance. Meanwhile, Jimmy raises the question of substitute birthing partners to an unenthused Nicola. Despite her mood Jimmy pushes ahead with the idea and Nicola asks Laurel to be her stand in birth partner should Jimmy not be around. Laurel accepts and Nicola is glad the decision has been made. However, Jimmy is not satisfied and rallies Laurel and Ashley for a meeting of team Nicola. Laurel finds Jimmy’s enthusiasm funny when he begins to explain the pregnancy schedule to her. Nicola groans at Jimmy’s behaviour as his eagerness shows no sign of dissipating.


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