Mark is rattled to witness Nathan inviting Ryan for a drink in the pub. Back at Home Farm, Mark bumps into Sam who is picking flowers ahead of the anniversary of Alice’s death. They talk and Sam explains the depth of love he feels for Samson and how you feel a different level of emotion for your first born. His words inadvertently strike a chord with Mark who is thinking about Ryan. Later, Mark watches the boys having their drink and Faye (Kim Thomson) snipes that Mark will always feel something for their son. Faye is unnerved when Mark is waiting at her home for her and he demands she leave the village. Faye regains her composure when Cain arrives to check everything is OK. Mark leaves but Faye makes it clear to Cain she doesn’t need his help. Elsewhere, John’s reputation in the village is growing after his heroic role in the rescue attempt. Moira and Holly are having some lunch in the Woolpack when the latter notices Aaron with the other Dingles. She follows him outside and compliments him on his actions with the van yesterday. Aaron's chuffed with the attention. Back in the pub, Zak invites John to drink with them to thank him for sticking up for Aaron. John refuses on the grounds that the Dingles stole from him and Zak coolly regards a new potential rival. Meanwhile, when he's sent home by Mark, Rodney fears he could lose his job. He talks to Diane again and it's clear that his problems are weighing heavy on his mind. When Val and Eric enter the discussion they succeed in making Rodney feel even worse. Diane reassures Rodney by telling him they’ll always be a place for him at the Woolpack and Val is aghast. She breathes a sigh of relief later when Rodney receives assurances from Nathan that his job is safe.


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