At the hospital, Carl, Rodney and Lexi wait for news about Nicola and its clear Carl blames her. The doctor eventually informs them she's well enough for visitors, but Lexi is left feeling isolated when Carl tells her she's the one who put Nicola in hospital and she's the last person she’d want to see. Later, seeing Nicola is alone, Lexi cautiously goes to apologise to her. However, Nicola's fuming, and as she tells Lexi to face the truth that Carl is a coward, she goes into premature labour. The doctors try and delay the labour but Carl continues to lay into Lexi, blaming her for bringing it on. Lexi despairs that maybe she should just leave and when Carl doesn’t disagree, Lexi turns and walks away feeling utterly cast out. Jimmy finally arrives at the hospital and Carl apologises to them for Lexi's actions. Nicola and Jimmy assert that this isn’t all Lexi's fault, he's to blame as well. Seeing Carl about to protest, Jimmy snaps he could have lost Nicola and his baby because of this and warns Carl to sort it out with Lexi – he needs to decide if he wants to be her husband or not before he destroys her life and everyone else's. Elsewhere, Eric returns from the doctors with David and is glad his blood pressure is lower than expected. Spotting them, Val hurries over to ask if he remembered the appointment, but he cuts her off, clearly not ready to forgive her. Val's gutted to be cut out of his life and is left hurt and defeated when Diane makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her either. Also, sick of being caught up in the cross fire between Brenda and Viv, Gennie takes up Leyla’s offer of a spare room at Katie’s house. Brenda continues to hide her loan repayment letters from Terry, who's delighted when he gets the loan to buy Louise out of the B&B.


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