Brenda is preoccupied with her financial worries and still hasn’t had the courage to tell Terry what's going on. At the café, relations between Viv and Brenda are more fraught than ever, but Bob asserts they can’t afford to buy Brenda out, so they’re stuck together whether they like it or not. Enraged Viv eavesdrops as Bob asks Brenda how it went with Terry and she breaks down, confessing she doesn’t have the heart to burst his bubble and reveal she's bankrupt for fear that he’ll end things with her. Viv wastes no time in informing a stunned Terry that his girlfriend has been lying to him and she's actually bankrupt. Brenda's shocked when she arrives home to find Viv there, and is mortified when Terry reveals he knows everything. Nicola is indignant when she discovers Jimmy has told the Wyldes she's started her maternity leave and heads off for work, despite Jimmy's protests. Fed up of everyone fussing around her, Nicola orders Jimmy to go home and once Doug and Leyla head home, Rodney arrives to check after Jimmy has sent him to check up on her. Frustrated, Nicola locks herself in the shop to keep Rodney out and as she puts her keys down, they slide off the counter and under the unit. Meanwhile, at the B&B, Val is preening herself in a bid to win Eric back and leaves Diane unconvinced about her new manifesto to right every wrong she's ever committed. When Eric arrives in the pub prepared to face Val, she assures him she's a changed woman. Both Diane and Eric remain cynical, but there's a glimmer that Pollard might be softening towards her. Also, Faye  is pleased as Nathan and Ryan continue to befriend one another.


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