Trapped in the shop in the throes of labour, Nicola struggles to retrieve her phone. Rodney realises she's in trouble and enlists Cain’s help to break into the shop. Unable to wait for the ambulance to arrive, they head to the hospital in Rodney's van, joined by Lexi. Terrified Nicola is desperate to hold off the birth, she's wheeled into delivery and Jimmy asks an upset Lexi to leave. As the labour gets underway, Jimmy tries his best to calm Nicola but ends up getting punched in the nose when Nicola is gripped by another agonising contraction. As Jimmy holds his bleeding nose, they manage to deliver the baby girl naturally but she's rushed straight to an incubator. Jimmy follows not wanting to let the baby out of his sight and Nicola tells him she loves him. As Lexi looks on at Nicola and Jimmy united over the new baby, she yearns for a family of her own. Meanwhile, Terry reassures a relieved Brenda that they’ll sort out their money worries together and Brenda is determined to sort Viv out once and for all. Arriving at the pub she tells her to set her own life in order before she ruins hers. Back at home, she tells Terry she feels like a liability and she thinks its best if she moves on - he deserves better than a middle aged failure. However, Terry assures her that she means more to him than anything else and he won’t let her walk away. In the pub, Nathan speaks to Natasha on the phone whilst she's on holiday and reveals Faye and Ryan have moved into the village. Mark is annoyed to witness Nathan and Ryan getting close and forces Nathan to stay and sort out the mess in the shop in a bid to stop him socializing with his secret brother. Later, Mark confronts Faye about encouraging their relationship but she's indignant and claims its only right he should get to know his brother. Ryan arrives home to find Mark talking to his mother and tells him his dirty secret is safe with him, its not Nathan's fault that his dad is a sleaze.


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