On the roof of the hospital, Nicola pleads with Lexi to give her baby back. Lexi wields her power and asks, in front of everyone, why when  Carl he's happy to coo over Angelica, but doesn't want to baby with his own wife. Carl fails to give her a straight answer and Nicola continues to plead with Lexi to give Angelica back, but Lexi continues to lay into Carl and tells Nicola this is the only way she can get his attention. She begs him to let her try for another baby, its breaking her heart and it's all she wants. Everyone is in agreement that Carl needs to give her an answer, but he continues to evade her pleas. Jimmy urges Carl to either give Lexi some hope or put her straight and Carl finally looks her in the eyes and tells her he won’t have a child with her. As a stunned Lexi takes a wobbly step back holding Angelica and demands to know why, everyone's terrified when Carl admits he doesn’t love her and he never has. Carl confesses that he doesn’t love her and he never has. Faced with the truth she's been trying to hide from for months, Lexi is in the depths of her despair. Nicola and Jimmy are terrified that Lexi will jump with the baby, but Lexi comes to her senses and gives the baby back. Meanwhile, in the midst of the drama, Jimmy and Nicola are drawn closer together and after realising how much they mean to each other, they decide to get married.


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