The Kings are left reeling after yesterday's events at the hospital. Meanwhile, Leyla notices a spark between Katie and Ryan, and encourages her to make a move while he's still in the village. Meanwhile, Mark is uncomfortable when he arrives in the pub and Nathan invites him to have a drink with him and Ryan. When Nathan goes to the loo and leaves them alone, Mark struggles to make polite conversation with an aloof Ryan. Lizzie and Marlon are still furious with Jake about the scratch card, he feels terrible and tells Lizzie he’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to her. Later, Eli arrives at the pub and finally gives Marlon some of the money for his rent, Marlon decides to give the money to a delighted Jake so he can go to Spain to be with his dad and Mel. Elsewhere, the Bartons continue to be entertained by Hannah’s obvious crush on Andy. Later, at the Home Farm shop, Holly tells and indignant Aaron she's not interested in him and is concerned when he warns her to be careful with Andy hanging around the farm. Holly arrives home and tells a worried Moira about Aaron's comments that Andy isn’t to be trusted around women. However, when John brings home a caravan for Andy to live in in the yard so he doesn’t have to come to and from the village every day, Moira's not impressed.


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