Val is feeling very sorry for herself in the B&B and when she breaks down in tears and begs Terry for help, he's worried he's going to be stuck with her for even longer. In the pub, Terry tells Diane that he's concerned that Val's not herself and seems genuinely miserable, but Diane's determined not to help. Later, Val approaches Eric who is still refusing to speak to her and pleads with him to give her a second chance, offering to help him out with his financial troubles. However, Eric is still too angry and tells her he wouldn’t go into business with her if she was the last person on earth - she's destroyed every feeling he's ever had for her and he wants a divorce. Val is stunned and after wallowing in self-pity all afternoon she comes to the pub and cries as she tells Diane that Eric wants a divorce. She finally cracks and tells Diane she can’t keep on coming into work every day putting on a brave face and pretending she's happy – there's nothing there for her anymore and she wants to be bought out of the pub. Meanwhile, John questions Moira’s treatment of Andy and reminds her she doesn’t know what happened. Moira asks Hannah to tell her what happened with Andy, and she's mortified as she's forced to tell her mum the truth that Andy knocked her back. Back at the pub, as Diane urges Andy to stick up for himself, Moira arrives to apologise. Elsewhere, Jamie is jealous when Gennie receives another letter from her boyfriend in Brighton. Eric has heard that there's a new factory being built in the village and is desperate to find out who the new owners are. Chas is still furious with Paddy and tells him if he doesn’t trust her there's no point in them being together. 


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