Aaron agrees to accompany Paddy to the Bartons keen to see Holly who he still has a crush on. However, after being teased about his crush and laughed at by Andy and John when he attempts to tame a sheep, he's furious and storms off. Sulking in the barn, he starts to light stands of hay and watching them go up in flames. When John witnesses what he's doing, he's furious and pushes him out of the way as he rushes to put out the flames. Aaron's fuming and when John tries to take the lighter off him he refuses to cooperate, John slaps him across the head and drags him by the scruff of the neck out of the barn determined to teach him a lesson. Aaron's irate as John drags him to a stable to cool off and locks him in, and vows he’ll make John pay for this. Diane finds Val’s letter and says good riddance, but it's clear she's shocked by her sister's sudden departure. Later, she admits to feeling torn but insists she's not going to go running after Val as that's just what she wants. When she mentions she's looking for someone to cover Val's shifts, Bob offers his services. Meanwhile, Eric is devastated about Val leaving and is angry with himself for being so stubborn. However, he's unaware that Val is closer than he thinks – she's hiding in the B&B and Terry is an accomplice in her plan! Meanwhile, Viv and Brenda continue to clash and Bob finally snaps and orders them to stay away from each other. Viv's fuming when he arrives back form the pub tipsy and tells her he's got his job back at The Woolpack and nominates Gennie to cover his shift.


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