As Aaron tries to break out of the stable, John tells a shocked Moira what he's done and she insists they go let him out. As they unlock the door, a furious Aaron jumps out and lays into John. Paddy orders him straight into the car but Aaron warns John it's not over. Later that day, the Bartons are stunned when the police arrive at the farm and arrest John for assault and false imprisonment. Eric makes the decision to move on with his life without Val but it's clear he's missing her desperately. Meanwhile, in the B&B, Val is driving Terry mad and tells him she can’t take being cooped up anymore and needs to know how Eric is reacting to her disappearance. As she continues to watch the comings and goings of the village behind her net curtains in the B&B, Terry enquires after Eric in the pub. He arrives back and informs a delighted Val that Eric is gutted. However, she can’t bring herself to call him and put him out of his misery yet. Meanwhile, Jamie is upset that Gennie has fallen for Dominic and admits to a horrified Bob that he has feelings for her. Bob tries to put Jamie off telling Gennie, suggesting he's probably on the rebound from Louise but Jamie insists he knows how he feels. Later when Gennie arrives in the pub, she's appalled when Bob implies she's been leading Jamie on. She firmly assures him she isn’t on the rebound and got over him long ago. Seeing he's overstepped the mark, Bob insists he only wants them both to be happy but Gennie snaps he merely wants to keep his secret safe.


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