Carl makes another hint to Chas in front of Paddy that she needs to tell him the truth and she starts to think he has a point - she can’t continue living in fear that he's going to find out. Katie warns her that her whole life is at risk and to think long and hard before she makes any rash decisions about leaving Paddy, but Chas can’t see any other options, she feels wretched for betraying his trust and can’t live with herself. Meanwhile, Paddy is on his way to the cricket match when Carl stops him and tells him they need to have a serious chat in private. Paddy knows what's coming and tries to laugh it off when Carl tells him Chas doesn’t want to be with him, but is crushed when Carl drops the bombshell that they slept together. Elsewhere, Bob is still trying his best to keep Gennie and Jamie apart. She admits to Viv and Brenda that she’d like Jamie to be more than a friend and Bob is disconcerted when he overhears her telling the women that they’ve already shared a charged moment at Katie’s party. Michael arrives in the village and spends an afternoon in bed with Debbie at Tug Ghyll. However, when Cain arrives home, Debbie's terrified. Also, it's the day of the cricket match and Ashley is tense. Meanwhile, Laurel is on the opposing team and she's irritated to see Ashley and Sally getting so close. At the pub, it's Marlon’s day off and he has left Moira a menu plan to stick to, but she disregards it and adds in her pies which go down a treat with the locals.


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