The Sugdens are suspicious when Maurice appears to be hiding away his daughter. However, Matt finds Judy drunkely slumped over her steering wheel. Meanwhile, Ed and Geoff Atwill suspect they may be related and get help from Donald.


Maurice has been seen in the village with his daughter Judy, but Amos thinks he's trying to hide her away. Maurice introduces Judy to the Sugdens as he shows her around the district. She appears quick to leave. Geoff Atwill talks to Ed about the plough at the front of The Woolpack and mentions that his grandmother had the surname 'Hathersage'. Ed is keen to find out if they're related. Amos gets it into his head that Henry is planning on selling his share of The Woolpack and tries to find out from Joe if he is trying to raise cash for something. Annie notes to Dolly that when she offered a sherry to Judy, Maurice declined it for her and made a reference to leave. Ed and Geoff chat to Donald about the possibility of Geoff being related to him. He suggests they investigate Geoff's end of the family tree. Matt finds Judy slumped over the steering wheel of her car, drunk.


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Annie Sugden: "This place is getting worse than the House of Commons at meal times."
Matt Skilbeck: "Oh ma! Least we get a bit of sense 'ere, sometimes."

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