Penny arranges for her friend Gwen to stay with her, whilst Matt and Henry argue over the piggery, and the Sugdens leave Henry thinking.


Henry has received planning permission for the pig unit. Jack is working on his book. Penny asks if her friend, Gwen, can come and stay at the millhouse. Jack reluctantly agrees. Henry measures up the field for the pig unit and decides on 180 in one field. Matt thinks it's cruel and Sam's not keen on Henry's attitude towards farming. Matt passes on the news that Henry has received planning permission and of what he is planning for the pig unit to Jack. Jack's furious. Henry visits Buckley Builders in Bradford to organise the building of the pig unit. Jack is impressed to find Penny weaving; she informs him Gwen will be arriving tomorrow. In The Woolpack, Henry talks with Joe about encouraging Matt over the pig unit, wanting to concentrate more on profit and less about pigs. Jack and Penny arrive. Jack clashes with Henry; he doesn't like Henry referring to Matt as just being a worker. He storms out and Penny follows him. They row over the argument. Joe drunkenly sets Henry and Matt up for a discussion about the pig unit in front of Annie and Sam. When Henry ridicules Matt for something he says, he's left to think when the others seem to agree with him.


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