Terry advises Bob to leave Gennie and Jamie to themselves but not listening to his friend's advice Bob tries to get Jamie to cancel his date with Gennie to babysit the twins. Jamie refuses and Bob, still worried that Gennie will let slip to Jamie that they slept together, heads to Victoria cottage to try and convince Gennie to dump Jamie. When Jamie arrives he is irritated to see Bob and questions once and for all what his problem is. Jamie is devastated when Gennie tells him that she and Bob slept together. Stunned by her revelation, Jamie tells Gennie he wants nothing more to do with her. Telling them they deserve each other Jamie leaves. Gennie is furious with Bob and tells him he has now got the ugly mess he was worried about. At Mill Cottage, Chas is uncomfortable when Nicola once again makes it clear that she is not welcome. Needing to share her woes, Chas is hurt when Gennie tells her she wants nothing more to do with her. Chas tries to talk things through with Katie, but keen to get ready for her date, Katie can’t supply the shoulder she needs. Carl tries to reassure Chas everything will be okay but Chas responds that although she loves him she thinks she has made a mistake and should never have moved in. Meanwhile, Katie and Ryan’s date is going really well until Ryan's car breaks down. Katie is furious, sure he has broken down close to a hotel on purpose. Ryan denies it but livid Katie begins to walk home. Having fixed the car, Ryan stops to offer Katie a lift. Sceptical that he managed to fix the car so quickly, Katie refuses a lift back to the village. Miffed Ryan drives off. Also, Val asks Eric if she can use the left over pub sale money to go to Australia and is miffed when he says no. Cain masks his jealousy when Faye snubs him to have a drink with her new bosses.


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  • A woman who exits the vet's surgery is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,470,000 viewers (20th place).
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