Worried about Aaron’s return, Chas begs Zak and Lisa to let him stay with them. They agree on the proviso that Chas sorts things soon and starts putting her son first. Aaron returns home to Paddy’s and surprised to realise no one is there he helps himself to a beer. Aaron's gutted when Paddy returns home and tells him to leave. Asking where his mum is Paddy explains she is with Carl. Aaron tries to protest that he is on Paddy's side but Paddy coldly tells him to collect his stuff and get out. Aaron heads to Mill Cottage on the warpath. Bursting through the front door he's disgusted to see Chas and Carl together. Chas begs him to listen pleading that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him but Aaron tells her in no uncertain terms that he wants nothing more to do with her. Meanwhile, Gennie begs Jamie to hear her out but he walks off telling her she had her chance. Katie is worried for her friend when Gennie confides that she slept with Bob and told Jamie the truth and that's why he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Katie tries to comfort her but Gennie breaks down devastated. Elsewhere, Bob tells Terry what has happened and heads off in desperate search of Jamie. Bob begs Jamie to let him explain but Jamie questions how far he was going to let his relationship get before he told him the truth. Terry urges them in to sort things out off the street but Jamie snaps they’d better invite Viv then before storming off. Bob is left in a state of panic. Also, Debbie pretends to not care when Michael receives a call from his other woman. Eric tells Val she can got to Australia and is miffed when she reveals she has already booked a flight that leaves that evening. The new sweet factory opens for business and Nikhil and Jai are not surprised to see that Priya has already got the staff dancing to her tune.


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