Paddy is hung over from the night before, and is still feeling down in the dumps when a hopeful Aaron arrives to take Clyde for a walk and suggests he move back in with him. Paddy is incredulous and reminds him that he's no longer living with Chas, so why should he have to live with her teenage son - he's her responsibility, not his! Aaron's hurt and tells Paddy it's not his fault - he warned him about his mum and he should never have gone on that course and ruined everything. He storms out leaving Paddy feeling guilty and worried. Arriving at the Dingles to check he's okay, Paddy panics when Shadrach tells him he packed all his bags and left. Paddy finds him at the side of the road hitchhiking and admits he does care for him and doesn’t want him to leave the village. Paddy agrees to let Aaron move back in with him until he finds somewhere more suitable. Ryan once again agrees to cover for Debbie as she goes to meet Michael. She tells him he's mad coming back to the village after Cain’s threats yesterday but they enjoy a morning in bed together. Cain arrives home and finds him in the house, but Michael is defiant. As Cain berates Debbie, Michael defends her but when he pins him up against the wall, Michael realises he's serious when he threatens to kill him if he ever comes back. Debbie is fuming with Cain as Michael flees. Meanwhile, Katie is worried she's never going to find a man who treats her well and is disappointed Ryan turned out to be just like all the others. Maisie urges her to give him another chance, but she's worried about getting hurt.


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