Leyla is still feeling depressed about having no clothes and has started her fund to buy the designer shoes. However, when Katie reminds her she owes money for their bills she's forced to relinquish her savings and is gutted that she’ll never be able to afford anything nice. Later, when she's alone in the Home Farm shop, she pays a delivery man from the cash box and counts out the £250 she needs to buy her shoes. Unable to stop herself she gives into temptation and pockets the money. Michael tells a cynical Cain that he's going to break off his engagement today, but Cain warns him he doesn’t fool him. As a nervous Michael sets off to go and tell his fiancée it's over, Debbie is worried that she’ll talk him round. He reassures her that he loves her and he's going to come back for her, but Cain is doubtful. Later that evening, Michael arrives back and tells an overjoyed Debbie that he's called off the wedding and they can finally be together. Cain tries to rile Michael again and continues to lay into him, but Debbie warns her dad to back off, determined to make it work. Elsewhere, Ryan emerges from Katie's bedroom the morning after their date and it's clear they’re both smitten. Also, Nikhil continues to play the tyrannical boss in the factory. And Marlon bans Moira.


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