After the previous day's shocking church events, Debbie's astounded when Charity arrives in the village. Meanwhile, a fragile Sally arrives in the village with a packed bag and reveals that she and Vincent have had a huge row - and she's left him. Laurel and Ashley are thrown but are forced to invite her in, realising that she has now where else to go. Sally tells Ashley that she's had enough of Vincent constantly putting her down and apologises for imposing on him and Laurel's home. Ashley feels a duty to tell her that she's always welcome, but Laurel isn't pleased when he offers her a room at their house until everything's sorted out. Leyla tells Nathan to dock her wages until she's paid him back and when he offers to buy her a drink in the pub later in the day, she's wary and tells him that she's not stupid - she knows he's playing games. Nathan assures her that he has no ulterior motives and Leyla accepts the offer of a drink. Also, Paddy tries to help Aaron refine his social skills and gives him advice on how to win Holly over.


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