Keen to keep the peace between mother and son, Carl pays Aaron an visit at the garage. After being forced to talk by Ryan, Aaron’s mood fails to improve and Carl is left abandoned when Aaron storms off having heard enough. Later, distracted from his work, a troubled Aaron heads off without a word, clearly on a mission. Catching Aaron looking untoward, Carl questions his motives before thinking that he has come to talk to Chas, but Aaron is carted off by Adam wanting to take his quad for a test run. It is only when the lads are out of sight that a triumphant Aaron confesses to meddling with the brakes on Carl's car, much to Adam's horror. Meanwhile, holding out an olive branch to Debbie, Charity asks her to take the day off work and spend it with her and Noah. Debbie refuses to drop everything but is left pensive when her mother responds that she'll be around all day if she changes her mind. With an obvious agenda, Nathan gets Holly to man the shop, freeing up both Leyla and Doug to accompany him for drinks in the Woolpack. Oblivious to his charm, Leyla politely declines preferring to dine with David. Nathan, however, is irked by her decision. Also, Mark returns from his golf trip and is surprised to learn that Ryan and Katie are an item.


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