After dumping her son on Marlon at the Woolpack, Charity returns from seeing a solicitor in town to find Debbie babysitting after the mischievous mite went missing in the pub under Marlon's reluctant care. Keen to discover what her mother's up to, the penny soon drops when Charity's explanation leads to the subject of getting her hands on Michael's money. Distraught to hear that her own offer of money - and indeed a roof over her head - isn't enough, Debbie tearfully pleads with Charity to stick around. Sally continues to play the woeful housewife, but after over-hearing her spearheading a heated conversation with Vincent on the phone, Laurel is left sceptical of the truth behind their separation. Suspicion aroused, Laurel airs her concerns to Ashley about Sally's inconsistency, and after failing to get any reaction other than sorrow for his ex, a frustrated Laurel takes it upon herself to address the matter with a coy Sally. Later, Ashley returns home to be confronted with an announcement from Sally that she will be out of their hair by the end of the week. She's pleased when it causes tension between him and Laurel. Elsewhere, with her bravado back in full swing, Chas asks Diane if she has any hours for her at the Woolpack. Unable to help her out, Diane suggests she talk to Jai so turning on the charm, Chas broaches the subject with Jai. Also, Gennie leaves Faye curious after talking about Katie’s chequered past. Holly continues to toy with Aaron who is still in constant pursuit of her.


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  • A woman who comes to Mulberry Cottage with her fiance is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,480,000 viewers (13th place).
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