Keen to keep the pressure on Sally to move out, Laurel takes the day off work to help her house hunt much to Sally's displeasure. Returning to Mulberry, Laurel is visibly frustrated at Sally's lack of enthusiasm and when a distressed Sally receives a phone call from Vincent, Ashley insists that she stay as long as she needs. Later, Vincent arrives wanting to confide in Ashley after discovering Sally is not staying at her mother's as he believed. Concerned for Sally's safety, Ashley hears Vincent out, but doesn't believe Vincent's tales of woe. In a bid to get Vincent out of the village, Ashley assures him that he’ll be in touch should he find out where Sally is. Ashley returns to the house and Laurel is furious to find that he has lied to Vincent about Sally's whereabouts. Meanwhile, at Tug Ghyll, Debbie finds Charity with her wedding dress and jewellery laid out. Charity explains that she needs to sell them in order to raise enough money for her and Noah to stick around. Jubilant at Charity's news, Debbie agrees to take Noah to playgroup while Charity goes in to Hotten in an attempt to raise some funds. Having been unable to sell her jewellery, Charity and Debbie try to think of someone rich enough to be able to afford it at full price and they quickly head off to the Woolpack. Later, with a mock argument over the jewellery in full swing between Charity and Debbie, they catch Maisie's attention over an expensive ring that Debbie claims should be her inheritance. Maisie's quick to insist that Mark will pay £2,000 cash for it, much to Charity and Debbie's amusement. Elsewhere, Chas heads off for her first day of work at the factory and is greeted with a hostile reception from Gennie. Also, Faye makes an effort to get to know Katie better. And Jai goes above Nikhil’s head by offering the haulage contract to the Kings.


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