Sally clocks the tension between Ashley and Laurel, who's furious that Ashley lied for Sally. Attempting to appease the tension with Laurel, Sally asks if they can talk. Laurel suggests to Sally that she needs to speak to Vincent if she ever hopes to move on and feels reassured when Sally agrees. However, when Ashley appears, Sally begins to cry, telling him that Laurel's furious with her for not going back to Vincent and has pressured her to call him. Ashley defends Sally's decision not to call Vincent but furious with her husband, Laurel calls Vincent herself and arranges to meet him. Later, Laurel feels guilty when she returns home to Sally's dinner. Meanwhile, Charity bumps into Jai as she's leaving the café, spilling her coffee down him by mistake. To make amends, Charity agrees to go for lunch with him, leaving Debbie looking after Noah. Eventually returning from her expedition with Jai, Charity presents Debbie with forms showing that she's enrolled Noah into Connelton Primary School. Ecstatic at her mum's commitment to stay, they head off to the Woolpack to celebrate where Marlon's touched to see them getting on so well. Elsewhere, a narked Jai gives himself the day off after Nikhil undermines him in front of the factory staff. Complaining to Faye about his brother's attitude, Nikhil's left seething when Jimmy arrives to hand over the signed contract that Jai had given him earlier. When Jai returns to the office later, a furious Nikhil confronts his brother over his actions. Having heard enough of Nikhil's lecture, Jai's pushed to reveal that he's actually the owner of the company, having bought their father out. Nikhil's stunned.


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