Vincent lunges towards Ashley sending him off balance. Regaining his composure, Ashley makes his own rush towards Vincent aiming to propel him out of the door. Confused by Sally’s self-pity, Vincent refuses to leave without her and thumps Ashley on the nose. Playing the martyr, Sally claims that this is what she has had to put up with for years. Dejected and bemused at his wife's comments, a beaten Vincent walks away, leaving Ashley consoling a weeping Sally on the doorstep. Feeling guilt-ridden Laurel confesses all to a furious Ashley in private, before admitting her actions to Doug and Sally. The atmosphere is tense in the house as Sally appears on the stairs with her suitcase. Meanwhile, as Katie is attempting to justify her past to Ryan, Mark approaches them both, curious as to why they aren’t enjoying their dinner with Faye. Ryan explains that things didn’t quite go according to plan and on impulse, Mark heads over to Tenants Cottage. Mark questions a perplexed Faye on the evening's antics and invites himself in for a drink. Sensing there is more to the visit than meets the eye, Faye uses the opportunity to get close and starts to talk about their early days together. Deep in conversation, Faye holds Mark's gaze and for a moment, he takes her hand before pulling away. Faye continues to reel Mark in by telling him all about her and Ryan's life together in his absence before he leaves. Elsewhere, Eric accepts a lead for a new cleaning contract from Nathan on behalf of a reluctant David. However, Eric warns David to remain suspicious of his motives for helping, whilst an oblivious Leyla is clearly impressed with Nathan's good deed and expresses her gratitude.


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