Cain returns to the village and is disappointed to see that Charity's still living with Debbie. He admits to his daughter that he may have been unreasonable asking her to choose between him and Charity and she begs him not to start winding Charity up again. It isn't long, however, before Cain's seemingly forgotten his daughter's warning when he accidentally-on-purpose lets slip to Jai that Charity used to be a prostitute. Charity's furious. Back at Tug Ghyll, Cain returns home and is impressed to find Charity dressed to kill. Cain winds her up and an argument ensues. She launches at him and he grabs her but unable to resist their true urges, they kiss passionately. Meanwhile, a guilty Leyla confides in Gennie that she slept with Nathan. Gennie's horrified as Leyla admits that she probably did it because she felt like she owed him. Gennie's stunned that her friend could feel the way she does and offers to lend her the cash to pay Nathan back. Leyla summons Nathan to the shop and hands him the money Gennie leant her. Nathan won't accept the money and is furious by her belief that she can pay him off. Leyla's left utterly defeated when Nathan angrily assures her that he's calling the shots and they'll be quits when he decides - not a moment before. Elsewhere, Ashley's irked to hear that the Bishop is once again interfering by rearranging Sally's counselling session with Vincent. When Laurel later questions Ashley over how he thinks Sally's counselling is going, Ashley's concern is clear as he relays that he thinks she's finding it hard to talk about her problems. Also, Marlon tells Moira that Donna has asked him to file for divorce.


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