The Bishop arrives to tell Ashley that as Sally's marriage counselling has been going well, he thinks it's time that she returned home. He makes it clear that he's relying on Ashley and Laurel to make Sally see it's time to move forward. Later that day, Ashley and Laurel inform Sally of the Bishop's thoughts and are worried about her reaction. That evening, unaware that Sally's listening, Laurel convinces Ashley that he needs to think about his family and job and listen to the Bishop's advice. Surprising both Ashley and Laurel, Sally interrupts and informs them that she's ready to go home. A short time later, Vincent turns up to collect Sally. Once they've gone, Ashley tells Laurel that he'll never forgive himself if anything happens to Sally. Meanwhile, Cain asks Charity when she's planning to tell Debbie that she's leaving. Charity responds that she was hoping Cain would but he refuses. Later that day, Cain gives Charity the money but asks her to stay around for Debbie's birthday on Monday. Charity reluctantly agrees. Elsewhere, Jimmy's frustrated when Carl ignores his plea not to follow Cain as he goes to collect Charity's money. Ignoring his brother's advice, Carl sets off in hot pursuit but soon loses Cain. Just before Carl's about to give up his search, he's over the moon to spot Cain's car parked outside a self-storage warehouse. Carl returns home and excitedly informs Jimmy that he's booking them a tour of the unit that Cain's using to store their money.


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  • This was executive producer Steve Frost's first episode to be credited as 'Steve November'.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,980,000 viewers (21st place).
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