David blames Nathan for the car accident after calling on Leyla and worried for her welfare, insists that she go to the hospital to be checked out. Dismissing David's request, Leyla's short with him before leaving the house for work. At the shop, Doug mocks the accident when Nathan arrives and Leyla's clearly uneasy. Upon sensing an atmosphere, Doug makes himself scarce and Nathan doesn't hesitate in rubbing salt into the wound with Leyla about her imminent visit to the police station. Moments later, Gennie stumbles upon an inconsolable Leyla in the village and listens intently as she confesses all about Nathan and the accident. Later, while Gennie and an oblivious David are in The Woolpack with Leyla, Nathan arrives and overhearing David talking about taking Leyla to the police station, he's unable to resist passing comment. Pushed to the limit, Leyla returns from Hotten Police Station and finds the courage to confront Nathan. She hands in her notice and demands that he immediately stops goading her. Insisting that they're far from quits, Nathan thrusts Leyla's resignation back in her face, an action which pushes Leyla over the edge. With that, she slaps him. Nathan menacingly warns her that unless she does as he says, he could cause her world to come crashing down around her. Meanwhile, Sally's settling back into life at the Thomas household, much to Laurel and Ashley's delight - they're relieved to see Sally so content. Taking Edna some flowers, Sally's grateful when Edna asks if she would like to arrange the church flowers to keep her occupied and she's quick to inform Ashley that she'll be helping out. Later, Laurel returns home and is put out when Sally's adamant that she's happy to look after the children. Laurel's further frustrated with Ashley for allowing her to do so. Elsewhere, Hannah's on a mission to raise the money she needs for her school trip and takes some expert advice from Sam about chickens. Eager to assist, Sam follows Hannah to her friends while plying her with more useful information. Hannah's deeply embarrassed in front of her friends but unable to be rude to Sam, she watches on as Kayleigh and a reluctant Victoria mock him, before walking off together, laughing at her.


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