Leyla remains on edge and her persistent distance leaves David concerned about their relationship. Unable to talk to anyone else, David turns to Eric who advises that he inject some romance into their lives. Meanwhile, Leyla plucks up the courage to face Nathan and decides to go into work. With Doug on his lunch break, Nathan throws his weight around and instructs Leyla that she'll be his date later that evening. Later, as Leyla confides in Gennie , David interrupts their conversation and insists that they go to the pub. Oblivious to David's exchange with Diane at the bar, Leyla concentrates on Nathan's arrival. David, however has the attention of everyone when Diane presents him with a bottle of chilled champagne at their table. Unnerved, David drops to one knee and asks Leyla to marry him. Flustered, Leyla tells David that she can't marry him, before running off. Nathan struggles to hide his amusement as David's left completely devastated. Elsewhere, in an attempt to win over Cain, Charity suggests that she cook a meal for the family but his reaction leaves little to be desired. Aware he's playing it cool, Charity makes her way downstairs to greet him later in nothing but a sultry and revealing dressing gown. Flustered, Cain leaves and Charity's pleased, knowing that her advances are starting to thaw him. Later, as Zak and Lisa join them for dinner, the atmosphere's relaxed and light hearted. Cain's deliberately being blasé but when Charity accosts him in the kitchen after the meal, there's a charged moment and Cain is totally confused by her signals.


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