Leyla and David mull over the previous night's events and both feeling utterly dejected. After comforting Leyla, Gennie tries to convince David not to give up on the relationship. Riled, David decides to go to Home Farm and confront Nathan. However, as Nathan isn't there, Natasha fronts the brunt of David's anger. In an attempt to locate Leyla, Nathan goes to the shop where Doug tells him that he's onto him. Nathan, however, threatens his dismissal if he doesn't keep his nose out. When Nathan eventually catches up with Leyla, he thinks that she's bluffing when she reveals that she told David everything. She leaves him rattled, though, to think that his cover may be have been blown. Feeling a little wounded that David knows the truth, Nathan turns nasty. David thankfully turns up in time to rescue Leyla and seizes the opportunity to punch Nathan. Leyla thinks David's rescue is flattering but David insists that it was for his own benefit. Meanwhile, when Will's ball is kicked into the barn, he innocently he goes to retrieve it. Inside, he hears something and Belle quickly follows thinking they could catch a fox. When confronted with a pair of fierce eyes, though, they run scared. The pair hotfoot it back to the house and inform a disbelieving Lisa there's a witch in the barn. Later that day, they decide to take matters into their own hands and return to the barn themselves. They discover a scared Ukrainian woman called Olena hiding inside, who tells them that no one must know she's there. Elsewhere, Doug catches Sally having done the food shopping and she remarks that she wants to make it up to Laurel for spoiling her anniversary surprise. Clearly won over, Doug reminds her that it's Ashley's birthday on Thursday, before inviting her to celebrate with them. Sally looks smug at the thought.


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