Sam expresses his disapproval for Judy's decision and thinks she should pay the price. However, Annie puts him in his place and tells him it's her house and business. Meanwhile, Maurice and Joe are cautious after finding fox droppings in a field.


Amos continues to be irritated by flies in The Woolpack. Henry notices ants in the sugar bowl. Sam notices a letter in the paper from new village resident, Enid Pottle, asking why NY Estates aren't made to clean up Cricket Lane after they've mucked them up with tractors. Henry calls around to the village's elderly residents and manages to round up nineteen people to attend Bob's meeting at the end of the week. Judy calls round to Emmerdale Farm to thank Annie for her support recently. She offers to help out at the farmhouse until Dolly returns. Sam and Matt buy a new dog for the farm. Sam's cool with Judy when he finds her helping at the farmhouse. Enid rings Annie and invites her to tea. Sam tells Annie he doesn't think they should have Judy in the house. Annie reminds him that it's her house and her business. Joe and Maurice find what they believe to be fox droppings in a field. Sam explains to Joe that he doesn't agree with Judy having an abortion and believes she must pay for her sins. He believes the family too would be hypocritcal supporting Judy after aborting her baby, then praying in church for Dolly's baby.


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