Doug spots a lonely looking David eating in the café and tries to talk to him about Leyla. David remains firm and tells him that Leyla has made her bed so she should lie in it. Doug, however, insists that girls like Leyla are one in a million and he'd be stupid not to fight for her. With Doug's words of wisdom ringing in his ears, David plucks up the courage to visit her at the shop and they agree to talk once she's finished work. Later at Leyla's house, David reveals that his date with Priya didn't go too well and that it made him realise how much he misses her - although he's not sure he'll be able to fully trust her again. Thrilled, Leyla urges David to let her regain his trust and assures him that she'll never let him down again. Meanwhile, Sally gives Ashley a "get well soon mummy card" that she made with the children to give to Laurel in hospital. When Jai pops round with some flowers for Laurel, Sally plays the perfect host, offering Jai and Ashley tea and pretending to be upset for Laurel. Later, as Sally cooks dinner for Ashley, she insists that she doesn't mind and there's no use in hurrying Laurel home until she's back to full strength. Elsewhere, Charity attempts to talk to Cain about their future together but a facetious Cain can't take it seriously and leaves Charity frustrated. Later, Cain's clearly annoyed after spotting her talking to Jai and insists that he must be going soft to think Charity had changed.


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