Feeling guilty for not believing Charity, Cain decides to make it up to her by taking her and Debbie shopping. A trusting Cain stops outside the storage facility where he keeps his cash and a smug Charity realises that she'll soon be in the money. Later, when Charity wanders downstairs in the new silk gown Cain bought her, she thanks him for trusting her. They soon find themselves in a passionate clinch and Cain quickly follows Charity upstairs. Charity pops out for champagne and on her way back stops at Pear Tree. Spotting the lingerie and interested to see that her plan seems to be working, Carl's shocked by Charity's revelation - she's decided that she no longer needs him. Fuming, Carl threatens to tell Cain but Charity insists that he won't believe the man he hates over the woman he wants. Meanwhile, Laurel goes to make a cup of tea only to find that Sally has moved the mugs from where they usually are. An apologetic Sally insists that she was just trying to make it easier for her, before apologising for the words that were exchanged before the accident. Laurel assures Sally that she needn't worry about that day but as she turns to go back upstairs, she instructs Sally to put the mugs back where they were. Laurel confides in Nicola that she was probably too hard on Sally as she's been a huge help since the fire. Elsewhere, Nicola and Jimmy can't reach an agreement about Angelica's godparents. Nicola's quick to denounce Carl and insists that Natasha would make a great role model. Later, when Nicola discovers that Scarlett is to receive an inheritance when she turns 18, she suddenly has a change of heart and tells Jimmy that she'll think again about Natasha.


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