Matt worries that history with Peggy is repeating itself with Dolly when the doctor wants to keep Dolly in hospital longer. Meanwhile, Enid surprises Amos.


Joe and Matt speculate that there's a fox in the Dales after finding droppings. Maurice complains to Judy about Enid's letter to the paper. Judy suggests he get a man to clear up the mess, but he insists he says he has more important things to worry about. Amos thinks he's been conned when he finds an old coin in with somebody's purchase for a milk stout. Henry looks it over and wonders if it might be valuable. Amos is surprised to discover Enid has wrote into Hotten Courier, citing her as a poetic genius. Enid disapproves of Matt and Joe's rough handling of an injured sheep. They try to spread the word to other farmers about the possibility of a fox doing the rounds. Maurice tells Judy he's been down to Cricket Lane and he can't see what Enid is complaining about. Matt arrives home from the hospital with news that Dolly is being kept in longer due to problems with her blood pressure. He comments that Dolly seemed quite cheerful but worries that she's feigning it to make sure he's okay. He admits to Annie that he keeps thinking of Peggy and what happened with her. Their conversation is interrupted when they hear the geese making noises and believe the fox is back.


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