Marlon notices Victoria and Kayleigh looking at some risqué pictures of Hannah on the internet. Worried, Marlon alerts Moira to the situation. After confronting Hannah, Moira thanks Marlon for letting her know but he misreads her gratitude for something more and later confides in Paddy that he's met someone and believes that she feels the same. Expanding further, Marlon goes on to reveal the identity of his mystery woman. Shocked to hear that it's Moira, Paddy questions if Marlon is out of his mind! Trying to make him see sense, Paddy insists that Moira's a happily married woman but an adamant Marlon insists that he's going to tell Moira how he feels. Meanwhile, Debbie is gutted when she returns home to find Cain throwing Charity and Noah's belongings into the street. Furious by Charity's deception, Cain blames Debbie for allowing her back into their lives. Meanwhile, having given Charity and Noah a roof over their heads for the night, Eli and Lizzie warn Marlon that Cain won't be happy with him. Later, Charity decides to pay Debbie a visit to explain that she was trying to put the money back but Debbie's defiant and insists that she doesn't want anything more to do with her, before closing the door in her face. Elsewhere, the factory appears to be struggling without Laurel as supervisor, so Nikhil and Jai send Faye around with some chocolates and flowers and ask her to find out when she's due back. When Faye returns with bad news, Nikhil insists that they replace Laurel.


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