Marlon's busy making a Bolognese sauce when Moira appears into the kitchen and tastes it. Proclaiming that she'd be 15-stone if she were his wife, Marlon senses his opportunity and blurts out that he is falling for her. Stunned, Moira struggles to find the words and briskly leaves the kitchen. Later, Moira finds Marlon at the back of the Woolpack and is horrified to hear that she has led Marlon to believe they are more than friends and blames it on being naturally flirty. Devastated at the brush off, Marlon feels humiliated. Meanwhile, Cain arrives at the pub as soon as it opens and demands a drink. He's clearly irritated, so Diane and Moira share the responsibility of making sure that there's no trouble. Debbie confides in Zak about her worries over Cain. With that, Zak decides to go and see him. In the pub, Zak comforts Cain and joins him for a pint. Carl starts winding Cain up and rising to it, Cain goes over to him at the bar. Zak, however, ushers him out of the pub before anything kicks off. Back at Tug Ghyll, a paralytic Cain tells Zak that he loves Charity. Elsewhere, Mark approaches Faye when he sees her in the shop, having returned from her holiday. He quips that he was worried about her when she went away. Quick to put Mark down, Faye's adamant that he's not worth worrying about.


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