Cain's furious when he discovers that Marlon's been allowing Charity to stay at his house since it all blew up with the family. Cain asks Zak to retrieve Marlon from the pub and when Marlon wanders outside, Cain punches him in the stomach. Annoyed that everyone keeps telling him what to do, Cain heads to Marlon's house to confront Charity. Finally letting him in, Charity is fearful as Cain reasserts his threat to kill her. After much sniping at each other, Cain declares that he doesn't exist to her any longer and demands that whether she decides to stay in the village or not, she is to stay out of his and Debbie's lives. He then slams the door in her face, leaving her truly hurt by his words. Later at Tug Ghyll, Cain walks downstairs with the money holdall and a worried Debbie's confused as to what he's about to do. Cain heads back to see Charity and barging past her, he starts rubbing her face in the cash. Charity tries to hand it back but Cain demands that she take it because that's all she is getting - not him or Debbie. He then leaves her in a pile on the floor among the cash. When Cain returns home, Debbie demands to know what he's doing. Cain admits that he has to leave before he does someone some serious damage. With that, he drives away. Charity goes to see Debbie and offers the money back but Debbie refuses to take it. Charity leaves it on the step when Debbie closes the door but Charity can't walk away from a hoard of money. Before leaving, Charity turns to collect the money. Debbie sees her through the window and is disgusted by her mother's actions. Meanwhile, Mark sees Jai and Faye together again in the pub and is clearly resentful. When Faye leaves, Mark follows her to her house and lets himself into the kitchen. Mark accuses Faye of trying to make him jealous but she's quick to defend her actions - she can do whatever with whomever she likes. Noticing the determination in Faye's voice, a disheartened Mark leaves. Elsewhere, Marlon's horrified at the prospect of having to see Moira again following his confession. At the pub, Moira pops by to see Marlon, but they're interrupted when Cain demands Marlon head outside. Later, trying to comfort a wounded Marlon after his kicking by Cain, Moira assures him that she's flattered by his remarks but is happily married. She assures him that he'll find the right woman soon enough.


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  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,950,000 viewers (22nd place).
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