Mark's seething when he sees Jai leave Faye's house. With that, Mark bursts into Faye's house and accuses her of bedding the factory boss. Faye explains, despite it being none of Mark's business, they were having a meeting about business figures. Realising that Faye's telling the truth, Mark calms down. Reeling from his accusations, though, Faye maintains that she can sleep with whomever she likes because he chose Natasha. Admitting that he chose the wrong person, Mark tells Faye that he wants her and that he loves her. In turmoil, Faye throws Mark out. Later, Faye sees Mark waiting in his car to talk to her at the factory. It's not long before they move to a secluded spot and Mark declares that he'll do anything to be with her. Unconvinced, though, Faye heads back to the factory, with words clearly left unsaid. Meanwhile, Charity stuns Marlon and Chas when she reveals that she has Cain's money but isn't going anywhere because she doesn't actually want it - she wants Cain. Later, Lisa confronts Charity in the pub. When Lisa teases her about her windfall, Charity shoots Lisa down - nothing Lisa says or does will make her feel any worse. Standing her ground, Charity orders a drink in the pub, intent on staying put. Elsewhere, Priya's struggling to manage her friends at the factory when Nikhil piles on the pressure. Eli takes advantage of his friendship with Priya and goes for a two-hour lunch, which infuriates her brother. Nikhil tells Priya to reprimand Eli but she's adamant that she'll not be told what to do.


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