Belle, Will and Sam are showing Olena around the Home Farm estate when Will suddenly falls to the ground and begins convulsing. Terrified, Belle rushes to find Natasha, while Olena puts Will in the recovery position until he starts to come around. As Belle returns with a fraught Natasha, Sam tells Olena to hide. After Sam explains what happened, Natasha's grateful to him for helping and hails him a hero. Feeling awkward, Sam hides the fact that Olena helped. Later, when Mark returns from the village, Natasha demands to know why he wasn't around when Will returned from school. Mark's wracked with guilt for spending time with Faye when his son was in trouble. Meanwhile, Charity attempts to speak to a dismissive Debbie at the garage, insisting that she'll wait around all day if she has to. She tells Debbie that she's staying in the village and she wants a second chance. Later, though, Debbie tells Chas that while Charity's still around, Cain won't return. Elsewhere, Nikhil warns Priya that if she doesn't reprimand Eli for taking so many unofficial breaks, he'll sack him. Aware that Jai's watching, Priya approaches Eli and tells him off. However, when Eli's unable to take her seriously and starts laughing, Priya's forced to be firm and a shocked Eli backs off.


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