Faye hears about Will's fit and tries to call Mark but he ignores her call. When Natasha asserts that Will's episode has put everything into perspective, Mark goes to see Faye and explains that it will break Will's heart if his parents split up. However, he's left feeling torn when she makes it clear that someone will get hurt whatever the outcome. Meanwhile, Sally's annoyed that Laurel's up and about, insisting that she's much better. Laurel's later put out when she discovers that Sally's picked Gabby up from school and is further incensed when she discovers that Sally's had Gabby's hair cut without asking. Hiding her annoyance, Laurel kindly explains to an irked Sally that it's time for her to move on. Elsewhere, Eli's clearly still irritated with Priya for telling him off in the factory and turns down her invite for a drink after work.


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