Ashley's hurt to realise that Laurel won't be returning anytime soon and is upset when he has a run in with Doug, who seethes that he needs to see sense about Sally. Sally, meanwhile, masks her delight when Edna informs her that Laurel has gone. Doug quickly realises that his family are the subject of village gossip and is annoyed that Ashley isn't helping the situation by leaning on Sally for support. Doug's quick to berate him and rails that if Laurel never returns, he'll hold Ashley fully responsible. Meanwhile, Brenda's irritated to discover that Terry and Val have gone out for lunch to celebrate the restaurant plans, even though he'd agreed to have lunch with her that morning. Drowning her sorrows in the Woolpack, she reveals to Diane that Val and Eric are opening a restaurant at the B&B. Diane's later furious when Val tells her the B&B restaurant will be much more upmarket than the pub. Later, Terry tries his hardest to make it up to Brenda by offering to take a couple of days off work and spend them with her. Elsewhere, Leyla's amused when she arrives at the pub and David formally introduces himself to her again, before handing her a bunch of flowers. Eager to save their relationship, Leyla plays along and as they settle into each other's company, David kisses her and exclaims that he's missed her.


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