Reeling after Aaron's attempt to kiss him, Adam questions his friend and unable to handle the accusations, Aaron exits the car. Refusing to let the situation drop, Adam follows him and carelessly questions Aaron's sexuality. Desperate to erase the previous five minutes, Aaron gets back into the car and with his blood boiling, he recklessly drives towards Adam, who dodges the vehicle. John and Moira are concerned when Adam returns home limping but he doesn't tell them the full story. As they quiz him, though, Holly returns home. Adam's defensive as he's interrogated by his parents and further irritated when Holly believes that he and Aaron rowed about her. Disbelieving his story, Holly questions Adam but she's left confused by his sudden, strong disliking of Aaron. Elsewhere, Paddy's alarmed when Aaron snaps at him for being concerned about the cut on his head. Later, when Chas finds Aaron in the village with his head in his hands, he's quick to tell her to get lost. With that, he runs off. Letting off some steam on the bridge, Aaron's shocked when Lizzie finds him. Still angry about what happened earlier in the evening, Aaron pushes past her, sending her bag into the water and causing Lizzie to fall to the ground. Full of fear and self-loathing, Aaron's in turmoil as he reflects on the night's unexpected turn of events. Meanwhile, Ashley feels a little uncomfortable when Sally speaks with him outside the village hall. He's unable to brush her off, though, and she follows him through the village. Spotting them, Val makes a spiteful comment about the state of Ashley's marriage. When Ashley later comes face to face with Nicola, he's irritated by her rudeness towards Sally and her insinuation that he's not missing Laurel. Sally tries to follow Ashley home but he finds the strength to turn her away, before going inside. Sally's affronted by his sudden coldness. Elsewhere, Nicola's hungry to get her hands on Scarlett's inheritance and so organises an extravagant birthday meal for her. Jimmy despairs when she tells him that she's booked a glamorous restaurant.


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