Charity remains torn over the money and in an attempt to placate Debbie, Charity attempts to return it to her. As Debbie walks off, refusing to have anything to do with it, Charity notices Edna collecting donations for the church. Dumping the cash holdall on the pile of other donations, a liberated Charity believes that she's solved her problem. However, fearing that Cain may want the cash back, Debbie arrives at Tall Trees to confront Charity but is thrown when she declares that she doesn't have the cash any longer. Furious that Charity could be so stupid to give it away, Debbie goes off in search of Edna, fearing that she may go to the police when she realises what's in the holdall. When Edna informs them that David's taking the bag to the shelter, they race off and catch him just as he's about to leave the village. With little explanation, Debbie and Charity retrieve the holdall from his grasp. Back at Tug Ghyll, Charity tries to explain that her actions were to prove that Debbie and Cain mean more to her than money. Unconvinced that her mother could ever change, a teary Debbie shows her the door. Meanwhile, with his bravado back in full swing, Aaron's flirting with Holly pays off when she agrees to go out for a drink with him. But as she leaves, it's clear that Aaron feels uneasy. Back at Butler's, Holly makes a passing comment about going for a drink with Aaron. Alarmed and confused by the announcement, Adam warns her to be careful. Bemused by her brother's reaction, Holly's left wondering why Adam is being so protective of her. Elsewhere, Ashley feels the pressure when Rodney mentions that he'll buy a Christmas tree for Gabby to decorate. Emotionally drained, Ashley insists that because there is just the two of them, Rodney's gesture is unnecessary. With Gabby's best interests at heart, Rodney reminds Ashley that he should really make an effort.


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