Henry makes Sam see sense over Judy, whilst Enid attacks Mick.


Bob and Sam have a difference in opinion over Judy's abortion. Sam points out that Judy doesn't seem to be showing any sign of repentance. Bob reminds him it's what God sees that counts. Amos is angry with Enid over her monkey finding its way into The Woolpack. Mick Ledder tells Joe he's been having problems with a fox on his farm and he attempted to take a shot at it last night. Enid finds out about it and slaps him in The Woolpack. Annie receives a call from Dolly at the hospital saying her blood pressure is improving. Joe and Matt spot the fox running across Emmerdale land. Sam voices his opinion about Judy to Henry. Henry makes him see that condemning her for her actions won't help anybody. Mick creeps into the garden of Dale View Cottage and shoots Enid's fox in the garden.


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