Unable to drop the subject of the money, Carl witnesses a heated exchange between Chas and Debbie and becomes suspicious that Chas knows more than she's letting on. Fed up of the constant bickering, Chas issues Carl with an ultimatum - her or the money. Ignoring Chas's plea, Carl watches on from afar as Debbie locks up the garage. Returning moments later, Debbie's accosted by Chas outside the garage - but they're completely unaware that Carl's watching. Bemused to find the door unlocked, Debbie gives the workshop the once over but as she turns to leave, the door slams shut and Carl stops her in her tracks. Meanwhile, John tells Adam to wait for Andy before he starts to clear the barn ahead of Christmas. Ignoring his father's advice, Adam starts alone but unable to manage to load, drops the barrels in a heap when he attempts to move them. Andy eventually turns up and helps Adam to clear the mess but neither have noticed that one of the barrels has cracked and now has liquid oozing out. Elsewhere, Maisie confronts Katie over Jai's accusations and Ryan's smutty insinuation about her. Katie, however, quickly defends herself, insisting that her words have been taken out of context. Maisie soon cheers up but Katie's riled with Ryan for making such an offensive remark.


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