Already feeling immense pressure to deliver on the Christmas festivities, Ashley's on the verge of cracking but perks up when he hears Laurel's voice on the phone. Disheartened to realise that Laurel only wants to make arrangements to see Gabby on Christmas Day, Ashley's hopes of a reunion are quickly dashed. Concerned for Ashley, Sally and Edna are en route to see him but are accosted by an irate Nicola in the street. Ashley angrily opens the door to a frantic Edna as an argument rages between Sally and Nicola. Simmering inside Mulberry, Edna pleads with Ashley to return to his duties, while Sally covertly steals one of Ashley's Christmas cards. Later, as Edna airs her woes in The Woolpack, Doug angrily follows Sally out after she makes a show of being the only one on Ashley's side. Meanwhile, keen to build bridges with her daughter, Charity checks in on Debbie to make sure that she's okay following her ordeal with Carl. She's crushed, though, by Debbie's dismissal. Later, Charity calls at Tug Ghyll and is surprised when Debbie asks if she wants to bring Noah around on Christmas Day. Elsewhere, Eric's insulted when Terry questions his culinary skills. Insisting that he's up to the challenge, Eric invites Terry, Brenda and David around later that evening, promising a meal that they won't forget. After they've eaten, Eric encourages some feedback but fails to accept the constructive criticism and challenges Brenda and Terry to do better. Also, despite arranging a romantic night with Natasha, Mark meets up with Faye and they agree to tell everyone about their affair after Christmas.


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