Enid declares war on Mick, but is left fuming when she is advised not to take legs action against him. Meanwhile, Amos and Henry discover Mick had caused their infestation problem.


Judy is surprised when Sam is friendly with her. Annie reckons somebody has been getting at him. Enid plans to report Mick to the police for shooting and wants Henry as a witness, but Henry tells her she has no proof other than Mick was seen in The Woolpack with his gun. Mick hints to Amos that he shot Enid's fox but says nobody will be able to prove it. Amos is annoyed when Mick finds ants in his beer. Henry believes it fell off Mick, having sorted their infestation problem out. Bob arrives in The Woolpack following the meeting with the elderly villagers, saying Enid made quite an impression with her talk about animals. Henry makes a bet against Maurice that Matt will win the best sheep prize at the Connelton Show. The following day, the Connelton Show takes place. P.C. Edwards tells Mick that he knows it was him who shot Enid's fox, but lack of proof is preventing him from doing anything about it, and warns him to watch his step. Enid is furious that P.C. Edwards isn't doing anything about Mick and threatens private prosecution. P.C. Edwards warns her that Mick could retaliate by bringing charges of assault against her, which he would win as he has witnesses. Annie and Judy arrange a picnic on the grass. Sam wins first prize with his onions and Matt wins first prize with his sheep against NY Estates.


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