Natasha is delighted when she spots a 'To Let' sign outside Tenant's Cottage and decides to bid Faye farewell and good riddance. Inside, Mark is mortified to see his wife knocking and quickly escapes through the back door as Faye answers the front. After an exchange of sarcastic niceties over her imminent departure, Faye's relieved to realise that Natasha's still none the wiser about her affair with Mark. Later, Natasha proposes a toast to the Wyldes' future after telling Mark about Faye's departure. She's blissfully unaware, however, of her husband's infidelity. Ryan's drowning in guilt and snaps at Faye when she casually asks him about Katie. When he later bumps into Maisie at the café, he acts as if nothing happened between them and gives her the cold shoulder. Later, Ryan reluctantly accepts his fate when Katie tells him of their New Year's Eve plans, insisting it will be nice to keep Maisie company. Meanwhile, Lisa is livid when it appears her nude modelling has become common knowledge among the Dingles. As Moira overhears the discussion in the pub, she offers out her support and reluctantly forces Zak to admit that he wouldn't mind if Lisa modelled again. Sam comforts Olena when she is unable to speak to her son on his birthday.


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