Richard arrives to take over Maurice's role and causes problems with Jesse. Meanwhile, Matt continues to fret about Dolly.


"Just now the end of winter seems a long way off and an early spring would be very welcome, especially for the sheep. The first lambs always catch a spell of cold weather or heavy rain, but we've had other things to think on lately. Just after new year, Dolly was taken back into hospital - high blood pressure again, she's fine in herself and they say it's nowt serious, but it's hard not to worry. Harder still for Dolly and Matt..." - Annie Sugden (see notes)

Richard Anstey has replaced Maurice Westrop at NY Estates, Maurice having been transferred to Wales. Matt trains his new dog, Snip, for the sheepdog trials. Bob's wife, Alice, arrives in the village and surprises Judy and Annie by how uninvolved she is in the parish. NY Estates shepherd, Jesse Gillin, isn't pleased when he's told by Richard that he plans to take away 200 acres of grazing land and cut down on the amount in the flock in order to erect pine trees. He rants to his wife, Ruth. Sam tells Matt that he heard something unsettling the sheep in the night and later voices to Annie that he thinks Matt's worrying about Dolly. Jesse arrives at the farm to warn Matt that there's a loose dog worrying the sheep in the village.


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  • First appearance of Richard Anstey.
  • The timeline returns to normal following the effect of the 1979 ITV Strike and a small introduction at the start of the episode by Sheila Mercier (in character as Annie Sugden) informs viewers of the goings-on since the previous episode (see plot).

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Amos Brearly: "That's my watch word - moderation in all things. I've never been t'sort of landlord as'd encourage overindulgence in his customers, unlike a certain establishment not too far from 'ere... Oh, you'll be wanting another pint Walter lad."

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